The Golden Opportunity


      Most Americans, most “experts,” and most gold investors in the US are at present extremely bearish on gold – more so than at any time in the past 15 years. After all,gold has dropped over 40% over the past four years from its peak of over $1900 per ounce, and silver has dropped 70%.

     The bank gangsters on Wall Street, in the big mega-banks, in the Fed, and in the big hedge funds have been manipulating the price non-stop for the past four years by huge, illegal naked shorting in the commodities (paper) market. The conventional wisdom (or propaganda) in the financial world (at least the Western financial world) is that “gold is dead” and that its 7.5-fold rise from 2001 to 2011 was just “a speculative fluke – not ever to be repeated again.”

So?  If this is true, why is the physical demand for gold in Asia (notably India and China), in the Middle East, and in much of the world outside of the US and Europe the strongest it has ever been in world financial history. How can it be that America and Europe claim gold is worthless and the rest of the world is buying gold hand over fist?

How can it be that the four biggest banks in America are saying gold is dead and meanwhile are buying all they can of it and hiding it in their vaults?

On April 2, 2001, the price of gold closed the market trading session at $255.30.That was the lowest price that gold has traded ever since. In US dollar terms, gold closed the 2001 calendar year higher than it did in 2000, and then did the same thing again in 2002, and again in 2003. In fact, after reaching its low in April 2001, gold closed higher for eleven consecutive years – something that had never happened before in ANY financial market with ANY asset – up 7.5 fold!

Then came a correction – the price started falling, and gold is now on track for 2015 to be its fourth down year in a row – down about 40% from its high. Despite its history of gains, and 5,000 years of history as real money, gold is rapidly becoming one of the most widely denigrated and ridiculed of all financial assets (but primarily in the Western world) – leaving most American gold investors highly disillusioned and discouraged.

I’ll tell the wise reader the truth.

The bank gangsters know the US dollar will collapse. When the dollar value collapses the Fed will produce more and more of them in another “Quantative Easing” that will reach for the stars. It’s not impossible well have hyper-inflation and you’ll be paid $10,000/hour on Wednesday and $20,000/hour on Thursday because the price of a cup of coffee will be $5000!

If that happens, AND IT DID IN GERMANY before the launch of World War II, the price of an ounce of gold could go to several hundred million dollars. There really is no limit!

If that happens the banks holding gold will come out smiling and rich while the working people starve — literally starve and freeze!

In my view there are two MAJOR things to do.

1. Buy gold with both hands. Get out of paper promises to pay because they’re really worth nothing. This is explained in a booklet I just wrote and I’m waiting for a publisher’s word about whether he’ll publish it or not. I’m waiting for a month. If I don’t get a word about it in February I’ll publish it myself.

2. If you can arrange it, move onto a small farm —  or

3. Arrange to move out of the USA to a quiet farming area where you can feed yourself and avoid the hell about to break loose across American cities.

Small town living would be all right if you can go where there are no “thought police” to watch you and raise hell because you want to grow food or catch rain water! Were I still living in New York I’d go to the end of Long Island or north along the Hudson River.

     I don’t live in the USA any more because I could see this coming years ago. When I could leave, I left and set up camp in Asia.

     4. If you have a mind for it, open a small business in a small community. Were I still in America I would go back into doing my combination of Chiropractic and Massage. (I’m licensed and well experienced in both and have written books on the subjects.) But in Asia and at my age I’m looking into opening a small Cafe.

     You had better think this over carefully because at some point, we can’t know exactly when, you will have run out of time and opportunities.
My GUESS is the end of the game is mid 2018. It could be sooner.

     From whom would you buy gold? I have someone in mind.We’ll see. Where would you keep or store it? I’ll offer that information in my book soon enough. Don’t “get crazy” and do the wrong thing. Wait for me to check into a few things and then inform you.

     I expect the system is not ready to fall apart yet and you still have time to get out of bonds, derivatives, funds, and stocks and move into cash and gold before all of those paper promises build a nice warm fire.

     Go slowly. We’ll be careful together. If the world seems crazier all the time, you’re right, it is. You’re looking at a type face that cannot be changed to a real color BLACK. It has to be gray. Only a lunatic would produce a template with a gray typeface and no way to change it — a template incompatible with Microsoft Word which is the de-facto standard. This template can’t even paragraph correctly! Go figure….

     Only crazy people use icons instead of English Words, apparently purposefully to confuse morons like me. Only people who don’t care about their job get hired for customer service work. What I’m saying is, the entire world’s people are focused on themselves and their selfishness and not focused upon their customer and doing good for others.

     When you finally reach the point when the entire world lives to GET instead of to GIVE you’ll be at the end of time and the beginning of World War III. My prophecy study says this will be mid 2018. So, we have a little time before that June – September period arrives. If you’re a believer in a “mid tribulation rapture” that would be the time to expect it. Let’s hope so because I don’t want to be here when war breaks out.




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