World On The Brink?

2/18/2016       Is the world on the the brink of war and economic disaster? Admittedly it seems to be so. All of geopolitics affects economics. If the Europeans and The Middle East go to war the entire world will feel yet more distress at the banks!

This editor promotes self preparation. Own gold and silver coins. Move some money into the things you keep around the home all the time: Matches, cigarette lighters, first aid items, soaps, antibiotic salves, anti-fungal cremes, items for canning food like Ball jar replacement lids, tools, packages of disposable plastic containers, kits to patch tires.

All of these are “good as gold” for trading with neighbors as everyone works to help one another in safe neighborhoods. If there’s a complete economic breakdown these items are better than money!

Of course the most valuable “thing” you could have would be a water well, a hand pump and a garden that can feed you! But it’s the dead of winter now and IF you purchased enough food to live on for a year, would that do? Would others steal it? Can you turn your home into a fortress? I think the idea is childish and ridiculous.

If you live in the city near trouble spots I strongly suggest you rent a home further away from the city. If you are afraid one day your car won’t run, put a bicycle in the trunk so if all else fails you can ride it home after dark when the crowds are off the streets.

We pray it never comes to such trouble, but trouble could come, on any day. My new website will be opening very soon — I estimate by Monday February 22 it will be ready to see.

This is no time to rest. It’s a time to be prepared for the worst. 

Finally, take the advice of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. The safest “place” to be is “in God” so give up worldly foolish theories and return to God with your whole heart and don’t wait until tomorrow. Get busy with that effort today.


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