Refugees Overwhelming Europe and UK

Sunday 2/28/16 — BEWARE EUROPE: Another ONE MILLION muslim ‘refugees’ are on their way…almost all young, almost all male


See the website address above for details on this and similar stories. This blog ties together economics and geopolitics. Europe and Britain and being over-run with young male fighting men and the “illumanists” in the name of “diversity” intend to destroy White Western Society leaving the world ownership to them and the unseen evil whom they serve! When we read in the New Testament about Princes and Principalities and about a seemingly endless swarm of “locusts” coming out of the pit of Hell, what you’re seeing was predicted as one interpretation of the symbolic meaning.

This year 2016 opened with experiments at CERN to open some sort of portal between our world and another parallel universe. Men danced before a statue of the Hindu goddess Shiva, a goddess of evil and destruction. It appears to some conservative thinkers that the gate to Hell has been opened. There is a comment in which Jesus said in effect, ‘I have closed Hell and given you the keys.’ … which implies it’s up to mankind to decide if the demons of Hell will remain there or be allowed to return.

It appears to me Hell has been opened. Within the borders of European countries full scale civil war is likely to open and there will be streams of blood in the street gutters. If I were to bring to this blog copies of all the articles about this you would spend more than an hour reading one short clip after another. 

It becomes clear, those interested in preserving their fortune and their lives must exchange paper money for silver and gold coins and prepare for trouble across the North American continent. 

My new website ….   is opening for your interest. I should be adding qualified coin dealer’s of good reputation to a “coin dealers” page over the next month. I ask you to look in, take action, and be involved in further reading and spreading the word.

Stephen Newdell, Editor




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