Thus Began The 3rd World War (story and commentary by L’énorme fromage – [The Big Cheese])


Vladimir Putin is preparing to send 150,000 troops to Syria in a bid to wipe out the evil Islamic State once and for all.

The Russian leader is reportedly mounting an enormous military mission to take control of the terror group’s stronghold of Raqqa.

The city is the self-declared capital of ISIS in Syria and is patrolled by as many as 5,000 jihadi members.


Putin is set to mobilise 150,000 reservists who he conscripted into the military earlier this week.

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An insider revealed: “It is very clear that Russia wants to sweep up the west of the country, taking Raqqa and all the oil and gas resources around Palmyra.

“This is fast becoming a race to Raqqa – to secure the oil fields they need to cleanse the region of insurgents, and the IS capital is vital to do that.”

It comes a day after Russian jets obliterated nine ISIS outposts in just 24 hours using bunker-busting bombs.

ED: You should realize if you’ve been reading here, Putin is doing this for himself and Russia. ISIS was actually created by the United States CIA Black Operations people and YOU helped pay for it! The tax money that should be used to care for homeless veterans on city streets is going to support terror and war all over the Middle East and Africa around the Mediterranean Sea. The US hidden illumanists want the war to end all wars so that finally they have a one-world dictatorship with a one world religion worshiping Satan.

“mystery Babylon” is actually a SYSTEM comprised of the U.N., Britain, The US, the Vatican, all of whom are aligned to “The Dark Side of The Force” (so to speak).  Most of the theories about end time prophecy are very confused. A proper study will show that the Center of this riddle, this mysterious Babylon (it should be written with a lower case m not M) is a powerful nation with a deep water ports, tremendous shipping, a city that moves the most gold, silver and other commodities in the world, has a tremendous military that “mounts up to the heavens,” and is represented by a woman surrounded by some sort of “smelly” air wearing a crown with horns. 

New York Harbor fills the bill perfectly and the Statue of Liberty is the woman modeled after the goddess by many names, Horus, Isis, and others, a queen, a ruler. She wears the crown of horns and the torch she holds is powered by smelly natural gas. 

The discussion of a city on 7-hills is incorrect. The Greek word “Hora” used in the original text means “land mass” and indeed, the US and the U.N. rule over all 7-continents. It is we who live in mystery Babylon. In fact if you were aboard a ship coming into New York harbor you would see with hour binoculars a tall water tower and across it is the name of the town on Long Island pointing the way. The town is “Babylon.” I’ve passed through Babylon on the Long Island Railroad several times. And… it so happens that many residents of that town have been known for their immoral behavior for many a year.

In one of my books about prophecy I said that the war in the Middle East would be over Oil. Everyone wants to control that oil! Russia wants it, Iran wants it, Turkey, Egypt, The USA, and of course Israel finally dipped her toe into oil as a prophecy said, and made a huge off shore oil strike. 

Mr. Putin is not helping Israel by wiping Isis out, but then, all sides want to murder all of Israel so no matter who survives this latest skirmish, Israel is going to be surrounded by evil enemies and will have only The True and Living G-d to whom they can look for salvation. 

So, my wise-guy remark that this is the start of World War III is not so foolish. The war has been ongoing, actually since Bill Clinton began to sell US military secrets to China. China has been hacking Pentagon computers for years. They  probably are capable of shutting down the US power grid with the click of a mouse! The U.S. is involved in over 130 military operations. Putin calls the US “the world’s great trouble maker.” I’m afraid he’s right. Now we have word that several powerful figures are afraid of Donald Trump taking the presidential office. These same people or their progenitors arranged to kill President Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy and a few others who wanted to expose them. The chance Trump will survive and take office is probably slim indeed. 

It is said he won’t be bullied and he won’t back down, so if he won’t — they’ll kill him.

Obama is likely the final US President and also likely the first and last U.S. dictator.

Lord of the Dark Side

“All is going just as I had foreseen”


L’énorme fromage


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