Coming Monetary Confiscation & Worse!

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How to Avoid The Great American Confiscation of 2014-2015!

Fact: $126 trillion in Federal obligations will force the government to come after your money like never before. Plans are already in place…

401(k) nest eggs and IRAs confiscated “for your own good.”
Savings accounts suddenly frozen and then taxed to “save the global economy.”
Social Security checks SLASHED.
Obamacare bureaucrats that want you to die early to save money…
Dear Friend,

Jack Nicholson once famously shouted…

“You can’t handle the TRUTH!”

But I believe you can. I believe you must! You see there’s an economic H-Bomb ticking in the heart of America that’s already begun to explode.

And it signals the END of American Affluence….

The END of financial security…
The END of privacy…
The END of retirement security…
And the END of medical freedom.

Honestly now… don’t you feel it already? Don’t you feel like the America you grew up with has somehow been transformed into a ghost of her previous glory?

Don’t you wish you could scream before it’s too late and say STOP? And do you long to feel financially and emotionally secure knowing you and your loved ones are set for life? Well, it may be too late for America… but it’s not too late for YOU—because in this report, you’ll discover…

The shocking truth you’re NOT being told about our crumbling economy…

Ask any “expert,” and they’ll say our Federal deficit is about $17 trillion.

That’s an accurate number… but it’s intended only to deceive you…

The real number you need to worry about is our Total Federal Obligations.

That number includes how much money we owe to foreign countries (like the Chinese), how much interest we need to pay and the cost of our social programs like Social Security, Medicare and prescription drugs paid by Medicare Part D.

In other words, it’s a real picture of our financial condition… and it’s beyondshocking.

“Quietly, behind the scenes, the groundwork is being laid for Federal confiscation of tax-deferred retirement accounts such as IRAs…”

—The American Thinker

According to U.S. Debt,our total obligations are a stunning $126 trillion dollars. That’s over $400,000 of debt for every man, woman and child in America today.

Do you have an extra $400,000 cash to spare? I’m guessing the answer is “NO.”

But that doesn’t mean our politicians aren’t eyeing your money. After all, they need your money for use as “handouts” to voters. Your money keeps them in power.

That’s why I believe we are on the brink of the greatest government money grab in human history!

They won’t come knocking on your door. They don’t have to anymore. Your money is available to them with a few keystrokes on a computer.

Insiders are already calling it
The Great American CONFISCATION of 2015!

Yes, it’s coming THAT soon. And it all will be very clever. Let’s take a close look at exactly how it will happen, and how you can legally tell the government… “Hands OFF my money!”

Your 401(k) or IRA is suddenly confiscated
“for your own good,” of course.

It’s true. The Federal government is seriously considering “nationalizing” your privately held IRA or 401(k). It’s all for your own protection, of course.

Think this is crazy? Actually… NO. World Net Daily recently reported that…

“Recent evidence suggests government officials continue to eye the multi-trillion dollar private retirement savings market, including IRAs and 401(k) plans, eyeing the opportunity to redistribute private retirement savings to less affluent Americans…”

And in a recent article published by The American Thinker, this little bombshell was released…

“Quietly, behind the scenes, the groundwork is being laid for Federal confiscation of tax-deferred retirement accounts such as IRAs…”

Right now, there’s $21 trillion in CASH just sitting in private retirement accounts. Do you honestly believe greedy politicians will leave it alone?

Retirement accounts have already been confiscated in Argentina, Hungary and Portugal. It’s happening right now in Poland. And a dozen other countries— including the European Union—have similar plans in place.

Your money is a “pot of gold” for politicians… not you.

Financial Times commentator Tony Jackson recently reported that, “In the UK governments have long regarded pension funds as an irritant;‘pots of gold sitting passive in the economic landscape, when there are exciting policy uses to which they might be put.’”

Continued below…


October 15, 2013

“The International Monetary Fund Lays the Groundwork for Global Wealth Confiscation”

The great confiscation is coming. And…

It’s not just American politicians who want your money. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recommends stealing your personal wealth right now.

On October 9, 2013, the IMF released a report called “Taxing Times” that recommended immediate global wealth confiscation—especially American wealthheld in 401(k)s, IRAs and investment accounts—to reduce global debt and stabilize global bond markets.

The greedy bureaucrats called for a huge “capital levy” on any citizens with positive net worth. Of course, they said, it would only affect the “wealthy.”

What they didn’t tell you is, by global standards, every American is considered “wealthy.”

Bottom line: Greedy governments consider anyone who’s had the foresight and thrift to actually save money as “piggy banks” just waiting to be cracked open. Later in this report, I’ll explain exactly what you must do now to protect yourself—and your nest egg— before it’s too late.

That leads us to…

Your savings account… GONE.

This is almost unthinkable… but you need to think about it right now because your so-called “safe” savings accounts could vanish at the whim of a politician and banker 1,000 miles away.

OK, now that’s really crazy, right? Sorry… but it’s true. It’s already happened in Cyprus.

When the bankers and politicians dug a debt hole the size of the Grand Canyon, they ran to the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank for a bailout.

And this troika of global wisdom had a “great” idea… Confiscate the savings of people with more than $130,000 in the bank. Bankers don’t call this “theft,” they have a nicer term.

They call it a “bail-in.” In one bank, depositors who had “large” amounts of cash in their savings suddenly discovered they had only $130,000 left. The rest of their money? Gone.
“Most Americans believe that Cyprus-style wealth confiscation could never spread to the United States…WRONG.

“Reuters reported that Poland has already begun confiscating private assets… and the USA recently signed on to this idea at a secret meeting at a G20 summit in 2011.
“Worried yet? You should be…”

—Bob Livingston

In another bank, depositors with more than $130,000 lost access to a stunning90 percent of their money. Later on, after the predictable tsunami of rage, “large” depositors had 47.5 percent of their money converted into potentially worthless bank shares by force.

“Gee, that’s a shame… but it would never happen here in the good, old, USA.”

Baloney. The Cyprus “bail-in” concept is spreading fast. Reuters reported that Poland has already begun confiscating private assets. And bail-ins are now part of policy in many countries including Japan, Italy, Iceland, Spain, New Zealand and even Canada.

And the United States recently joined the club…

In 2011, in a secret room at the G20 Economic Summit in Cannes, the U.S., UK and EU all endorsed the Cyprus “bail-in” strategy as a viable option when banks and politicians mess up.

In a recent financial article, top financial analyst Jim Sinclair revealed the real truth…

“Bail-ins are coming to North America without any doubt, and will be remembered as the ‘Great Leveling’… Not only can it happen here… it will happen here.”

Well it may well be that bail-ins are coming to America. But suppose your moneywas already locked away in a legal, safe place when the government comes knocking?

And suppose they couldn’t touch a penny—if they tried?

I’ll tell you all about this crisis survival strategy in just a moment. First you need to understand…

The Great Social Security Check Theft

If you’re getting Social Security checks now or in the near future, the government wants to secretly grab your money. They’re hoping you won’t notice till it’s too late.

It all starts with the CPI, or Consumer Price Index. Traditionally, a version of the CPI is used to calculate the cost-of-living increases you get in your checks every year.

Right now, the government tells us inflation is “tame.” According to the Department of Labor, the inflation index for all items is running around 1.5 percent on an annual basis.

That’s well under the 2 percent inflation rate the Fed says is OK. But it’s a load of baloney!

Tell me something… honestly: When you buy food, gas, heating oil, movie tickets, a dinner out or a new pair of jeans… do you feel like prices are NOT going up?

Of course you don’t. You live in the real world. So when some Washington elite boasts about keeping costs down, you know better. Your shrinking bank account knows better.

So how is it possible that inflation is only about 1.5 percent a year? Simple. It’s a lie.

The Consumer price Index (CPI) is a fraud, pure and simple. The Feds changed the formula used to calculate the inflation to deliberately suppress the truth about rising prices.

And now, President Obama and Congress are proposing to change the calculation again—to deliberately LOWER your Social Security checks.

It’s called “chained CPI.” And because they don’t have the guts to cut Social Security checks outright, this will help them juggle the books instead.

That way, your checks go DOWN a lot, and you won’t know who to blame!

Here’s the scoop from a recent issue of
Time Magazine: The headline reads: “Chained” CPI for Social Security Calculations Robs Retirees…

The proposed ‘chained’ inflation index would cut Social Security increases even though a realistic index of elder inflation would push benefits higher…

“Can we just tell the truth?”

Tell the truth? In Washington? You’ve got to be kidding. The article continues…

“Financially speaking, we keep asking more of retirees. First, we ask folks who have saved for a lifetime to live on less while banks and indebted consumers use low interest rates to heal…

“Then we ask them to endure another whack at Social Security benefits while the government tries to rein in spending.”

Rein in spending? Don’t hold your breath on that one.

The Huffington Post calls the Chained CPI,
“a cruel and deceptive benefit cut, hitting hardest the oldest of the old, the poorest, and those disabled…”

So the bottom line is that our cowardly politicians, desperate for money, are secretly tweaking the numbers so they grow richer… while you grow poorer.

Oh and one more thing… Suppose you calculate the real inflation rate, using the real numbers? What’s the result?

A whopping eight percent. That’s how much your costs are rising. And the last thing the government wants to do is give you an eight-percent boost in your Social Security check. They’ve got a better idea, they’ll just confiscate your money and use it to help get themselves re-elected.

I know. This all sounds so crazy… and it makes you feel so helpless. But the less power you have… the more power (and money) for them.

Is there anything you can do? Or are you pre-destined to be a victim of the coming Great Confiscation of American Wealth? No. No. And NO!

It’s time to fight BACK and tell Washington politicians to keep their grubby hands OUT of your pocket.

And it’s easier than you ever imagined. What I’m about to tell you is the LAST thing Washington wants you to know.

It’s giving them NIGHTMARES to even think you might legally cut them OUT of your financial life.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Bob Livingston and 45 years ago, I founded The Bob Livingston Letter™.

And ever since that day, I have been a thorn in the side of every money-grabbing, lying politician that ever walked the corridors of power in Washington D.C.—or your hometown.

I’ve also been a ferocious consumer advocate warning you about the drugs, foods, healthcare and hospitals that are doing you more harm than good.

Trust me, I’m not on the Christmas list for the big drug companies, insurance companies or food manufacturers that get rich by making you sicker.

I’m a royal pain in their A#$.

Some call me a consumer advocate. Some call me a curmudgeon. And a heck of a lot of bad folks call me a royal pain in the a#$.

Continued below…

Thank You For Your Excellent Work, Bob Livingston!

“Thank you for shining the revealing spotlight of truth on the corruption… in all the aspects of our daily lives, from the government to our food supply!“Thank you [Bob Livingston]… for the excellent work that all of you have done for liberty and privacy and our health!”—Greg H.

But my readers love me. I consider my readers an extended family of sharp, savvy consumers who want to know the truth… instead of sticking their heads in the sand.

Like any precious commodity, the truth is always in short supply—and that’s a big problem.

If you don’t know the unvarnished truth about your money, you’re going to lose it for sure. If you don’t know the uncensored facts about our healthcare system, youdie.

If you honestly think you get the truth from your politicians… then you might as well hand over all your money to Washington today.

Call me crazy, but I’m guessing you actually want to
KEEP your money…

Maybe, God forbid, you might want to watch it grow… treat yourself to the fruits of your labor… and then pass a hefty legacy on to your children. And I want to show you how.

You see, our editors have just put the finishing touches on a new, FREE financial encyclopedia that is proving SO popular, it’s literally flying off the shelves. It’s called…

When you run up a national tab that hits $126 trillion, it’s a safe bet you’re going to be scrounging for cash in every nook and cranny of America.

It’s not some crazy prediction… it’s inevitable. That means there’s only one way to beat the Great Confiscation that’s surely coming. Only one way to secure your retirement nest egg, lock-in your savings and become financially set for life.

No matter what happens in Washington… you’ve got to make yourself financially and legally invisible to the money-grubbing political machine!

That’s why I created this remarkable, financial encyclopedia. It’s also why I’d like to send you a copy right now.

But I recommend you click here to request your copy sooner rather than later!

Why? Because the moment we announced this landmark guide, we received an avalanche of requests from readers like you, and imposed a limit of one FREE copy of The Invisible Money Manual per household!

Now, let’s take a peek inside this FREE volume and see how you can sidestep the hungry jaws of the government money monster…

How to bank in SECRET in the post 9/11 era.

It should be no surprise really, but the Federal government has created a massive data bank filled with information about tax returns, bank accounts and even credit card purchases.

It’s called FinCEN and it’s short for Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. It’s a branch of the Treasury Department—the same lovely folks who run the IRS.

FinCEN operates by systematically collating and cross-analyzing law enforcement, intelligence, public and financial databases. It can even use the IRS database to see how much income you’ve reported and whether you’ve ever been audited by the IRS.

FinCEN also gets information from your bank. Using just your name and address, or even a charge slip, a FinCEN operator can quickly find your Social Security number, birth date, driver’s license and possibly bank account numbers!

Think that’s scary? The Patriot Act makes it even worse…

Thanks to the Patriot Act, your bank is now under serious pressure to report any “suspicious” activity to the Feds. As a result, they are “turning in” customers for “offenses” like making heavy use of ATM machines, or sending or receiving wire transfers.

They can also sell your information to third parties, like private investigators, marketers and government agencies.

So much for privacy. Is there anything you can do? Actually, there is…

The little-known loophole that protects your
financial privacy.

In your FREE copy of The Invisible Money Manual, you’ll discover a little-known law that allows you to legally STOP your bank from
sharing your private financial information.

All you have to do is submit a written request to the bank (find the exact letter in your FREE guide!), and you’ve taken the first step to financial privacy!

That’s a great start, but there’s so much more in your FREE copy of The Invisible Money Manual. Just look…

One-third of the world’s private wealth is legally tucked away from the prying eyes of Uncle Sam using this secret haven. And it’s NOT just for
the super-rich…

Most people don’t know this, but there are a LOT of legal options that will give you leverage and privacy when it comes to your overall financial security.

Legal havens can be profoundly effective. When Uncle Sam comes knocking for your savings or retirement accounts, and the money is already gone, he can’t do a thing about it!

In your FREE copy of The Invisible Money Manual, you’ll discover one of the verybest ways to secure your security and privacy.
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It’s an exclusive financial instrument that’s completely legal and available to anyone. And you do NOT have to report it on your tax returns… because your assets would not be considered “income.”

Once your money is tucked away…

You collect nice, fat interest payments…
You get hefty dividends upon maturity…
You never have to report this financial instrument on your tax forms because the IRS couldn’t care less.
You’re protected from the potential decline and collapse of the dollar (which we believe is coming SOON).
Your money is completely protected from lawsuits. And creditors usually “give up” before going after these assets.
Quietly, in every corner of America, ordinary folks like you and me are starting to “wake up and smell the coffee” about financial privacy. It’s not just for the super-rich… or trust fund babies. It’s for smart, hard-working people like you and me!

But there’s still more…

Have you ever considered CASHING OUT? You better think about it now, before it’s too late.
Since 1971, the price of gold has skyrocketed over 3,500 percent. During that same time, the dollar has lost 92 percent of its purchasing power.

With the President and Congress eyeing retirement funds like pensions, IRAs and 401(k)s, you’ve got to start thinking seriously about “cashing out” or converting your money into hard assets like gold and silver.

One thing’s for sure. The Federal government is praying you never do this—even though it’s completely legal.

Make no mistake; the governmentdeliberately makes it hard to get at the money in your retirement accounts. Hard for you. But easy for them.

So here’s a much better idea. How about legally making it hard for them to get at your money… and oh-so-easy for you?

In your FREE copy of The Invisible Money Manual, you’ll get a complete “beginner’s course” on how to convert your assets into gold and silver—so the government can’t touch them.

Click here to get started today!

Let me point out—I am NOT a gold salesman—and I have no financial interest or connection with any gold brokers or institutions. So I’m FREE to tell you how to use gold to preserve your nest egg, no matter what happens to the dollar.

And you need to do this exactly right—so your nest egg is protected from confiscation and becomes legally invisible to Uncle Sam.

“But Bob… the price of gold has gone down recently.
Are you sure?”

The real reason gold has fallen is price manipulation by traders at JP Morgan and other banks. That’s why they’re telling you to sell your gold—so they can buy it.

When they’re done manipulating, the price will rocket back to historic levels as the truth about the economy becomes obvious to everyone. And as for risk, it’s just like this…

Suppose, back in 1971 you had $35 of gold (one-ounce), and $35 in cash.

Today, the gold would be worth $1,264.00. That’s an increase of over 3,500 percent.
During the same time period, the $35 would lose 92 percent of their value— and deliver a puny $2.80 of purchasing power at today’s prices.
Be smart. Be invisible. The Invisible Money Manual will show you how. You’ll discover…

Why all gold is NOT created equal. Some forms are easier to redeem for cash in a pinch.
How to choose the world’s purest gold coins. Hint: It’s not from the USA, and it’s available in multiple sizes for easy conversion when you need it!
The TRUTH about buying gold bars.
They’re usually less costly than the one-ounce coins but… (Continued in your FREE copy of The Invisible Money Manual).
Local gold dealer … or the Internet?
Whether local or on the web, we can help you identify trustworthy dealers!
There’s still SO much more in your FREE copy of The Invisible Money Manual. Click here for your copy today and you’ll also discover…

How to avoid throwing up “audit flags” for the IRS.
How to manipulate your life insurance to protect your money from creditors, lawsuits and the IRS.
The special “trust” that provides COMPLETE asset protection from estate taxes for your heirs.
Look, the way I see it, the more invisible your assets are… the safer they are, simple.

Now, let’s discuss the single greatest government overreach in American history…

Your health insurance… GONE.
Your favorite doctor… GONE.
That TOP hospital that’s best for your condition? GONE.

It must be the single greatest political lie in American history…“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”

Has there ever been a more profoundly dishonest, politically motivated utterance by a public official? For the sake of a single man’s reelection, 360 million Americans were deceived!

Even worse, they all knew it was a lie. It was right there in their own paperwork—on page 34,552 of the Federal Register. Obamacare architects estimated that 66 percent of small business health plans and 45 percent of big business plans will be canceled.

That’s 93 million people who can no longer keep their plans. And it probably includes you, and your loved ones. If yours hasn’t already been canceled, it’s coming soon… along with less coverage, bigger deductibles and a hefty price increase!

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”
That’s another big, fat lie.

In order to control costs, insurance companies participating in the Obamacare “Exchanges” have had to slash the size of doctor networks by thousands in many areas. Additionally, many doctors, possibly yours, have jumped ship.

In a recent CNN report, residents of Concord, NH reported living in a “black hole of healthcare for people buying these plans.” Thanks to Obamacare, they have to driveMILES just to see a network doctor—who is a complete stranger!

But wait… it gets even worse. If you need specialized treatment… you can forget about the Mayo Clinic… The Cleveland Clinic… Cedar-Sinai… or any of the truly elite hospitals used by VIPs and politicians…

Because virtually NONE of the Obamacare-approved insurance plans are being accepted! These top hospitals can’t deliver the cutting-edge, life-saving care they’re known for, AND conform to the unimaginable restrictions of Obamacare.

U.S. News &World Report:
“Top Hospitals Opt OUT of Obamacare”

U.S. News & World Report recently ran a shocking article titled “Top Hospitals Opt Out of Obamacare” that revealed the uncensored truth: Obamacare is making it virtually impossible for most Americans to seek care at these life-saving institutions!

Is there anything you can do to get the VIP care you or a loved one may need? You bet there is. The secret lies in dissecting the new medical system so you’re always first in line for the top-notch medical care you deserve.

Because it’s a matter of life and death, we created an easy to understandguidebook that cuts through Obamacare’s medical red tape—so you can access the medical care and doctors you need. It’s called…

The Obamacare Antidote: How to Beat the System and Get the VIP Healthcare You Deserve

You can keep your doctor…
we really mean it. Period.

The Government is going to do its sinister best to force you into the arms of doctors you don’t want… surgeons that no one wants… and hospitals that are death traps.

What can you do? You need to be smarter than the bureaucrats.

And fortunately that’s not hard to do—when you follow the free advice you’ll find in your FREE guidebook:

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor…” Obamacare says “NO,” but if you carefully—and quickly—follow these steps you can!
How to get EXTRA personal attention, longer consultations, quicker test results, better hospital care… and Obamacare can’t stop you!
The secret, NEW way to get the top doctors, and top surgeons for a tinyfraction of the out-of-pocket cost that others are forced to pay.
How to sidestep the Obamacare restrictions on tests and procedures your doctor wants so you can still get the care you need!
There’s still SO much more in your FREE copy of The Obamacare Antidote: How to Beat the System and Get the VIP Healthcare You Deserve:

The Great American Healthcare Myth… Forever change the way you view healthcare and take control of your healthcare back from the Feds!
The #1 thing you must do to stay OUT of the medical cesspool that Obamacare is creating. Or face dire consequences!
Click here for your FREE copy today and you’ll also discover…

I can’t stress this strongly enough: Your medical freedom depends upon the shrewd actions you take now… like following the simple steps in your FREE guide!

We have to talk about recent government spying scandals that are already invading the deepest, most personal parts of your life—and could wreck your whole life in the blink of an eye…

The Revenge of The Bureaucrats:

How an innocent email you thought was private can trigger a devastating IRS audit.

It was just an innocent email to a friend. You told him all about your new house… and the new car you finally saved enough money to buy. Only your friend wasn’t the only one to read your email.

A vindictive, little bureaucrat working for the IRS decided to read your email too. Then he decided to dig a little deeper… into your bank accounts.

“Hmmm… that’s a BIG savings account,” he thought to himself. “It’s much bigger than mine. It just not fair when the government could use some extra cash right now!”

So he hits a button, an audit notice goes out… and your life becomes a living nightmare.

But this is just fantasy, right? In the real world, the IRS would need a warrant to read your email, right? WRONG.

The IRS has a special manual called the “Search Warrant Handbook,” and when it comes to your so-called “private” email, it’s perfectly clear: A curious, or vindictive, IRS worker can search your emails at any time, and for any reason, and…

They don’t need a judge’s approval.
They don’t need a search warrant.
They don’t need to ask you first.
And they don’t need to tell you about it.
The IRS’s lawyers say it’s OK to search any electronic records that are held on a server somewhere. That’s basically everything.

And that’s one loophole that won’t be fixed—despite your constitutional rights—because electronic spying on private citizens is a financial bonanza for big government!

George Orwell never imagined it would get this bad. Just look…

If Orwell were alive today, he’d be horrified. His “Big Brother” society where your most private thoughts were exposed to heartless bureaucrats is a chilling reality today.

You do NOT have to be a terrorist, tax dodger, drug lord or be suspected of insider trading for the government to keep tabs on you. Why? Because it helps keep you under control… and it’s a big source of easy income.

I know, this sounds like the rantings of a crackpot or conspiracy nut.
But it’s the bone-chilling, heart-breaking truth!

Right now, there seems to be no limit on government spying. Just look…

The National Security Agency (NSA) just put the finishing touches on the single largest data-mining center on planet Earth. It’s located in Bluffdale, Utah.

And you need to be VERY afraid of what it can do.

In a recent article in Wired magazine, the editors reported… “…for the first time since Watergate and the other scandals of the Nixon administration—the NSA has turned its surveillance apparatus on the U.S. and its citizens.

“It has established listening posts throughout the nation to collect and sift through billions of email messages and phone calls…

“It has created a supercomputer of almost unimaginable speed to look for patterns and unscramble codes.”

The bottom line? If it’s electronic… an email, a phone call, a text message, aFacebook post, anything, Big Brother is watching and reading!

Furthermore, it’s not just the NSA.

The FBI insists it has the right to read anybody’s emails that are more than six months old.

The clandestine PRISM program, according to The Washington Post, allows the NSA to access email, documents, audio, video, photographs and other personal information that unsuspecting citizens have entrusted to well-known companies including Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Skype, YouTube and Paltalk, among others.

Is there anything you can do to protect your personal and financial privacy? Actually… there’s a lot you can do.

You can legally drop off the grid so Big Brother can’t poke around in your private life on a whim… or a vendetta!

Surprisingly, it’s easier than you might think, and anyone can do it… though few do.But that’s just because no one’s ever laid it out, step-by-step, like we did in…

Without a Trace: The Ultimate Guide to Digital Privacy
in the Age of Big Brother

These easy tricks help you drop off the digital grid once and for all!

Government spying on citizens is not going away. It will simply go deeper into the shadows.

But rest assured, you don’t need to be a computer expert to outsmart their snooping into your private life, thanks to the simple steps explained in your FREE guide.

Click here to get started today and you’ll discover…

How to easily drop OFF the digital grid… like a submarine sliding beneath the waves. This is a simple, effective step for those who want real privacy!
Three effective ways to prevent Uncle Sam from monitoring your Internet browsing. Become virtually invisible to anyone tracking your computer activity.
How to protect your emails from government spying. Emails are one of Uncle Sam’s favorites but you can end his viewing pleasure with these easy steps!
The hard core computer secret that enables not only anonymous browsing, but encrypts data and hides your location! Take that Big Brother!
How to secure your phone conversations so no one can listen. This simple trick confounds even the most powerful super-computer.
For ultimate email privacy, you can take your email account offshore! It’s perfectly legal, and there’s nothing the government can do about it!
Of course, this is just a glimpse of the information you’ll find when you click here to get your FREE copy of Without a Trace today!

And I promise—if a computer rookie like me can follow these steps, anybody can!

Next is possibly the most important conversation we’ll have today…

The Great American Poisoning:

How the “healthy” foods you’ve been feeding your family…
are slowly killing them—and you!

This is the story I hoped we’d never have to write. Why? Because it challenges almost everything you’ve been told about “healthy” eating… and because we’re going to sound like the “food police” warning you that everything you eat is going to kill you.

But this time… this one time, I want you to hear us out from start to finish. Why?

Because it has to do with the gradual, government-sponsored poisoning of YOUR family…
NOT the families of the Washington elites and politicians.
NOT the families of the people who manufacture these poisons.
Just YOUR family!
Have I got your attention? I hope so. Because this scandal will soon explode when the final dots are connected between millions of chronic conditions and deaths.

And those dots will trace back to a sinister source you never imagined possible…those “healthy” fruits and vegetables you serve your family every day.

The Myth of “Family Farming.”

You see, most Americans have this quaint notion of “Farmer Joe” planting corn in his family farm, and sending the harvest to market. It sounds quaint, natural and so healthy.

Except that “Farmer Joe” has been replaced by corporate mega-farms, and food manufacturers that have virtually ZERO connection to Mother Nature—and the same goes for their “food!”

These conglomerates produce something called GMOs… or genetically modified organisms.

We call them “FrankenFoods.”

Just like Frankenstein’s monster, these foods are spliced together using genetic material from different species—including bacteria, viruses and animals—to create a “healthier, more pest-resistant crop.” (More about this in just a moment.)

And just like Frankenstein’s monster… these new, “improved” crops are a biological disaster waiting to happen. And they’re quite literally everywhere…

A billion acres of farmland (the size of the USA) is growing GMO crops…
90 percent of the corn and soy produced in this country are GMO—and corn, soy and their oils are in almost “all” packaged food and baked goods in the supermarket…
And there’s NO law requiring food labels to identify GMO ingredients…
It all adds up to a disaster waiting to happen. Actually, it’s already happening.There’s no research to prove that these foods are safe and…

The average American now eats 193 pounds of these GMOs every year…

That’s the conservative estimate of the Environmental Working Group, an advocacy group that focuses on health issues.

The group justifiably asks: “If you were planning on eating your body weight ofanything in a year, wouldn’t you want to make sure it was safe to eat?” Of course you would!

But don’t hold your breath for the government to take a close look at these foods anytime soon. Why?

There’s a half billion reasons why untested GMO foods are being shoved down your throat!

That’s the total amount of political contributions paid by Monsanto (the GMO giant in the industry) and other firms during the past decade. And that’s just the beginning.

Contributions have doubled in the last decade, and these companies employ more than 100 lobbying firms to push their GMO agenda.

However, here at The Bob Livingston Letter™, we’ve got this old-fashioned notion that you deserve the truth about the foods you feed your family. So let’s take a closer look at the real threat these foods pose to your health.

“Look Ma, there’s a virus inside my tomato!”

OK, suppose you wanted to create a tomato that could withstand cold weather. You simply splice some genetic material together and presto… you’ve got your super-tomato…

In practice, however, serious complications arise that are unexpected. For instance, just recently researchers have discovered the genes technologists insert into plants are often contaminated with unintended material.

That includes viruses. Recently, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) discovered that when lab scientists altered genes in GMO foods they were also transferring parts of a viral gene—and no one had ever noticed that before!

But it’s there… and it’s not coming out. Reports about this virus show that of the 86 different processes being used to insert genes into GMO crops, this virus is present in 54 of them.

That means millions of men, women and children are eating these “contaminated” foods right now—including you.

Warning: Viruses are specifically designed to turn OFF your immune system!

Will it lead to unforeseen illnesses for millions? The experts are uncertain. But remember, in the History of Humanity, this genetic material has never been found in the foods we eat.

Is that a chance you really want to take with your family? Don’t answer that just yet, because there’s more.

The pesticide you can NEVER wash off your fruits and vegetables…

Another favorite project for the genetic tinkerers is producing crops that are naturally resistant to insects.

Again… sounds pretty good, right? Wrong.

The lab “geniuses” have created fruits and vegetables that create their owninsecticides. That’s right, the insecticides are now inside the food itself.

You could wash the fruits and veggies all day, but the pesticides are still inside. And once you eat these “healthy” foods, pesticides are inside YOU too.

The food engineers simply assumed your body would flush out the toxins naturally. It turns out that may not be true.

This pesticide is now contaminating our blood…

Recent research has revealed that a chemical form of the pesticide (called Bt) used in GMO foods is now showing up in our blood streams.

The chemical was found in…

69 percent of the blood tests performed on women who were not pregnant.
93 percent of the women who were pregnant.
80 percent of the tests performed on fetal blood.
Researchers are worried that the Bt levels in blood could trigger cellularinflammation and boost your risk for chronic and acute conditions like heart disease, arthritis, and even cancer. It may also be responsible for the recent upsurge in food allergies and other autoimmune problems.

“Dear God… what can I do if these foods are everywhere, and they’re notlisted on the food labels”

It’s actually easier than you might think to avoid these foods… and still enjoy the hearty, family recipes you love.

And I’ll tell you exactly what to do, in a new FREE guide we’ve completed. It’s called…

The Smart Shopper’s Guide to Avoiding Genetically Modified, Foods, Fruits, and Vegetables
It’s the essential handbook for healthy living in the age of dangerous, new “FrankenFoods.”

Even though GMO foods are almost everywhere, the tips and tricks in this handbook can help guarantee you don’t feed your family hidden viral genes, chemicals, poisons, drugs and antibiotics.

Right now, the average American eats about a half pound of these untested foods every day. We’ll show you how to get that down to zero!

I urge every family to read this FREE guide! Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll learn when you click here to get started today…

The top eight foods that are bursting with genetically modified ingredients. First step: Avoid these foods to protect your health, and the health of those you love!
Why the tests showing GMO foods are “safe” are pure baloney. One of the top officials at the FDA actually used to work for Monsanto (the biggest GMO conglomerate)!
The number ONE rule for avoiding GMO foods—even though GMOs are never listed on the label. It’s such a simple and smart step… everyone needs to do this.
How to avoid GMO foods using your cell phone. Healthy technology!
The surprising truth about GMO foods in fast food restaurants. Read this before you eat another bite.
The ONLY food labeling you can really trust when trying to avoid GMOs.It’s not what you might think.
How to avoid GMOs in your dairy products—like milk. Read the fine print!
The secrets to dodging GMOs in baked goods like bread, cakes and rolls.A lot of the ingredients do NOT contain GMOs. It’s just a few culprits you need to look out for.
The best cooking oils for avoiding GMOs. We’ll reveal the BEST choices!
Plus much, much more.
Dear reader, in 20 years, GMO foods as poison will be common knowledge. Except by then, these foods may have wrecked the health of millions of innocent men and women worldwide.

You need to be ahead of the curve. That’s the only place that’s safe in this crazy world. And that’s exactly where this FREE guide (and all of the FREE guides we just discussed) will put you.

You need to keep an open mind and send for all your FREE guides today. Which leaves us with one big question remaining…

Why on Earth, are you giving away all this amazing information for FREE?

It’s simply the best way I know of to protect you from the Coming Great Confiscation, Obamacare and GMO foods. It’s not a favor. It’s my pleasure to help protect you and your loved ones.

It’s also a great way to introduce you to the The Bob Livingston Letter™completely risk-free.

You see, ALL of the information in this report was assembled and organized by my team at The Bob Livingston Letter™. A lot of it was taken directly from recent issues!

A quiet refuge where common sense still has a place at the table…

As the world, and our economy, is crumbling, my readers consider The Bob Livingston Letter™ a quiet refuge where common sense and decency still rules.

That’s why they make our timely advice an integral part of their daily lives. But don’t take my word for it… see what my readers have to say:

We Made Money On Your Recommendations.

“You have helped us save our assets and we have made significant gains on your recommendations.”
—W.M., Dallas, TX
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Doctor Said He Would Live To 120 Years Old!

“Being a health–minded person, I am always looking for natural ways to improve my health. As of this past January, I had my 90th birthday. My doctor told me I would easily live to be 100. At my last checkup, he changed it to 120. Whatever I read in The Bob Livingston Letter™ as to what it says to do… I do it!”
—Seymour Holleck, Apple Valley, CA

Severe Arthritis Cured in One Month… Thank You from the Bottom of My Heart!

“I used to suffer from psoriatric arthritis in my hands and knuckle joints. Then I read your article….
In just 15 days… the symptoms began to recede. Within a month I was as good as new. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
—Mike Audet Sr., Underhill, VT

Just like it has been for my readers, each monthly issue of The Bob Livingston Letter™ is your golden key to an underground network of smart people who understand the crises to come—and are preparing to survive and even thrive in the years ahead.

Our readers refuse to become helpless victims of the political elite—dependent upon their largesse and good will for survival.

They understand that the media, the Internet and 99 percent of all major news outlets have a hidden agenda that has little to do with their own prosperity.

That’s one reason why our readers are quite possibly the most loyal in all of publishing. They wouldn’t dream of missing a single issue.

Another reason is that we cover everything that has real meaning to your quality of life.

That includes your money, your job, your business, taxes, retirement planning, Social Security, investing, insurance, personal privacy and liberty, travel, recreation, estate-planning, college-planning, self-defense, home security, healthcare, hospitals, health insurance and my own personal favorite: Natural healing.

I promise you don’t risk a single penny when you R.S.V.P. today.

All you have to do is subscribe today for two or four years, and I’ll rush you all your Free guides—completely risk-free.

That’s up to $246.80 in FREE gifts and savings. And please remember…

You are always protected by our 100%

If you ever decide, for any reason, that The Bob Livingston Letter™ is not worth10-times the cost, we’ll gladly refund every penny you paid—even if you cancel on the LAST day of your subscription.

ecial username and password that gives you unlimited access to past issues of The Bob Livingston Letter™ using our special “members-only” website.

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Most importantly, consider this invitation your opportunity to shrug off the shackles of a system that has systematically been destroying your liberties and your whole life.

Just as our forefathers demanded that we should enjoy the fruits of our labor and the blessings of personal liberty, YOU should take back those rights beginning today. Your FREE gifts and monthly issues of The Bob Livingston Letter™ will guide you every step of the way—completely risk-free!

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