Migrant crisis: Merkel condemns closure of Balkan route

A woman and three children walk on railway tracks connecting Greece with western Europe at the Greek-Macedonian border near the Greek village of Idomeni on 9 March, 2016Image copyrightAFP
Image captionMrs Merkel said “Greece cannot bear the weight for long”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has blamed European nations for “unilaterally” shutting the Balkan route for migrants.

She said this had put Greece in a “very difficult situation” and such decisions should be taken by the whole of the EU.

Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and non-EU members Serbia and Macedonia have all acted to stem the migrant flow.

The EU and Turkey, from where migrants reach Greece, have set out a plan to ease the crisis.

Under the proposals, hammered out at a summit in Brussels on Monday but still to be finalised, all migrants arriving in Greece from Turkey would be sent back. For each Syrian returned, a Syrian in Turkey would be resettled in the EU.

European Council President Donald Tusk has said the plan would spell the end of “irregular migration to Europe”.

It is the worst such crisis in Europe since World War Two.


Iran test fires missiles branded with words ‘Israel must be wiped out’

Dramatic video captures the moment two ballistic “Qadr-H” missiles are launched in Iran

Iran test fired two ballistic missiles on Wednesday with the words “Israel must be wiped out” reportedly written on their sides in the latest of a series of a provocative moves by the country’s hardliners.

The two Qadr-H missiles had the words written in Hebrew as they were fired from a mountain range in northern Iran, according to the semi-official Fars news agency.

“The 2,000-kilometer range of our missiles is to confront the Zionist regime,” said Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. “Israel is surrounded by Islamic countries and it will not last long in a war. It will collapse even before being hit by these missiles.”

More missiles were tested on Tuesday in what Iran described as a show of its “deterrent power”.

A ballistic missile is launched and tested in an undisclosed location in Iran (Photo: Reuters)

The launches would be provocative at any time but are particularly notable given that Joe Biden, the US vice president, is in Israel on an official visit.

The US said the launches appeared to be a violation of UN Security Council resolution 2231, which forbids Iran from testing missiles which could be used to carry nuclear warheads.

However, the US does not see the tests as a violation of the nuclear agreement reached between Iran and six world powers last summer.

“It is inconsistent with 2231; it’s not a violation of the Iran deal itself,” said John Kirby, a spokesman for the US State Department.

The US could seek fresh UN sanctions in response to the tests even as it moves ahead with the implementation of the nuclear agreement.

The missile tests were carried out by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, which reports directly to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, rather than the government of President Hassan Rouhani.

The missile in the air after it launches (Photo: Reuters)

The testing exercise was dubbed “The Power of Velayat”, a reference to Iran’s dominant theory of political Islam.

The Guard are a major force within Iranian politics and opposed to Mr Rouhani’s efforts to bring his country in from the diplomatic cold.

The missile tests are seen as a way for the Guard to flex its muscles, especially after hardliners lost ground to Mr Rouhani’s relatively moderate allies in last month’s elections.

An Iranian soldier is seen during the test launch of a ballistic missile in an undisclosed location in Iran (Photo: Reuters)

Despite the breakthrough at the nuclear talks, the US and Iran have clashed on several fronts.

Earlier this year, Iran captured US Navy sailors who accidentally steered into Iranian waters. An Iranian drone was flown over a US aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf. Iran also continues to support the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

General Lloyd Austin, commander of US forces in the Middle East, said that the nuclear agreement had not brought an end to Iranian provocations.

“There are a number of things that lead me to personally believe that, you know, their behavior is not — they haven’t changed any course yet,” he told a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

Editor:  Only people who believe G-d is dead or blind would do this!

China takes ‘distinctly Chinese approach’ to national security


A Paramilitary policeman stands guard in front of a giant portrait of China’s late Chairman Mao Zedong on the Tiananmen Gate ahead of the second plenary session of the National People’s Congress (NPC) in Beijing, China March 9, 2016.

China is taking a “distinctly Chinese approach” to national security with a raft of new laws, including one on counterterrorism, the third-ranked leader said on Wednesday, offering a strong rebuttal to Western criticism.

The U.S., Canadian, German and Japanese ambassadors signed a letter dated Jan. 27, voicing unease about the counterterrorism law, the draft cyber security law and a draft law on management of foreign non-governmental organizations.

The ambassador of the European Union Delegation to China sent a letter expressing similar concerns.

The cyber security and counterterrorism laws codify sweeping powers for the government to combat perceived threats, from widespread censorship to heightened control over certain technologies.

Critics of the counterterrorism legislation, for one, say that it could be interpreted in such a way that even non-violent dissidents could fall within its definition of terrorism.

Zhang Dejiang, who heads China’s largely rubber-stamp parliament, told its annual session that China had laid “a solid legal foundation for accelerating the establishment of a national security system and taking a distinctly Chinese approach to national security”.

“In the face of a grave and complex situation in the fight against terrorism both at home and abroad, it is of crucial importance that China intensifies its anti-terrorism activities,” Zhang said.

“The improvements to our counterterrorism laws will be of great importance for preventing and punishing terrorist activities according to law, for safeguarding national and public security and for protecting lives and property.”

He made no direct mention of the criticism.

This year China will “work on” the foreign NGO law and cyber-security law, Zhang added, without giving a timeframe for when they might be passed.

China has blamed attacks in its violence-prone far western region of Xinjiang on Islamist militants, though rights groups and exiles say anger at Chinese controls on the religion and culture of the Uighurs is more to blame for the unrest. China denies any repression in Xinjiang.

China also says it faces a threat from Xinjiang radicals traveling to the Middle East to join groups like Islamic State.

(Reporting by Ben Blanchard; Editing by Nick Macfie)

Police warn women not to go out alone in Swedish town

ED. What does this have to do with finance? I argue, nearly everything retail and everything that holds society together. Sweden cannot maintain a health economy if people cannot live, shop, or travel because of active terror.

Police warn women not to go out alone in Swedish town after spate of sex attacks

Mayor of Ostersund criticises warning that came after woman reports being threatened on Saturday night, the latest incident as country deals with “wave of violence”

Police in Otersund have warned women not to go out alone in after spate of violent attacks

Police in Otersund have warned women not to go out alone in after spate of violent attacks Photo: Getty Images

Police in the icy Northern Swedish city of Ostersund have warned single women against venturing out alone after dark, following a space of violent attacks, with nine cases reported in less than three weeks.

As yet another attack was reported on Tuesday, the local police chief Stephen Jerand told state broadcaster SVT that he was convinced that his warning, highly unusual in Sweden, had been justified.

“It is always a consideration whether to go out with this kind of thing or not. But we don’t want to sit here for another week and have more crime victims on our desk,” he said.

Police have been strongly criticised for the recommendation with the hugely popular TV criminologist Leif GW Persson calling it “unusually stupid” in his weekly crime show on Tuesday evening.

Ostersund, Sweden


Several violent sex attacks have been reported in Ostersund, Sweden  Photo: Alamy

Ann-Sofie Andersson, Ostersund’s mayor, said police should have discussed the warning with her before issuing it at a press conference on Monday afternoon.

“The solution can never be to not go out because of such a warning. We have very many women who work in home and social care at night for example. What are they supposed to do?” she told SVT.

Mr Jerand said that a woman on Tuesday evening reported that a man had jumped out of his car as she was walking in town at 4.30am on Saturday and then threatened to stab and rape her.

On Monday he and other officers told the media that they were witnessing a spate of violence against women in the city.

“It’s not a normal picture that we’re seeing,” he said, advising women who wanted to move around at night to “arrange a ride or walk around in groups”.

• Swedish far-Right mob attacks migrants in central Stockholm

Anders Ygeman, Swedish interior minister, on Tuesday evening said that the government was considering meeting police demands for increased funding to deal with the growing dangers on the street.

“Fear of violence is something society can never accept,” he said. “In the short term, the police need to do everything they can to ensure safety.”

High-profile reports of newly arrived immigrants sexually assaulting or groping women have rocked Sweden this year, starting in January when police in Stockholm admitted to covering up mass allegations of abuse by asylum seekers at a music festival in the summer.

Sweden’s Expressen newspaper on Tuesday night wrote of the fear felt by women across the country in the wake of a “wave of violence” affecting everywhere from “Skane in the south to Jamtland in the north”.

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Risk of contagion from Italy’s troubled banks poses the greatest threat to the world’s already burdened financial system

Repeating what I lately asked; If the idiots will riot over pink retro sneakers, what will they do when there’s a real crisis?

The Collapse Of Italy’s Banks Threatens To Plunge The European Financial System Into Chaos

Italy Flag Map - Public DomainThe Italian banking system is a “leaning tower” that truly could completely collapse at literally any moment.  And as Italy’s banks begin to go down like dominoes, it is going to set off financial panic all over Europe unlike anything we have ever seen before.  I wrote about the troubles in Italy back in January, but since that time the crisis has escalated.  At this point, Italian banking stocks have declined a whopping 28 percent since the beginning of 2016, and when you look at some of the biggest Italian banks the numbers become even more frightening.  On Monday, shares of Monte dei Paschi were down 4.7 percent, and they have now plummeted 56 percent since the start of the year.  Shares of Carige were down 8 percent, and they have now plunged a total of 58 percent since the start of the year.  This is what a financial crisis looks like, and just like we are seeing in South America, the problems in Italy appear to be significantly accelerating.

So what makes Italy so important?

Well, we all saw how difficult it was for the rest of Europe to come up with a plan to rescue Greece.  But Greece is relatively small – they only have the 44th largest economy in the world.

The Italian economy is far larger.  Italy has the 8th largest economy in the world, and their government debt to GDP ratio is currently sitting at about 132 percent.

There is no way that Europe has the resources or the ability to handle a full meltdown of the Italian financial system.  Unfortunately, that is precisely what is happening.  Italian banks are absolutely drowning in non-performing loans, and as Jeffrey Moore has noted, this potentially represents “the greatest threat to the world’s already burdened financial system”…

Shares of Italy’s largest financial institutions have plummeted in the opening months of 2016 as piles of bad debt on their balance sheets become too high to ignore.  Amid all of therisks facing EU members in 2016, the risk of contagion from Italy’s troubled banks poses the greatest threat to the world’s already burdened financial system.

At the core of the issue is the concerning level of Non-Performing Loans (NPL’s) on banks’ books, with estimates ranging from 17% to 21% of total lending.  This amounts to approximately €200 billion of NPL’s, or 12% of Italy’s GDP. Moreover, in some cases, bad loans make up an alarming 30% of individual banks’ balance sheets.

Things have already gotten so bad that the European Central Bank is now monitoring liquidity levels at Monte dei Paschi and Carige on a daily basis.  The following comes from Reuters

The European Central Bank is checking liquidity levels at a number of Italian banks, including Banca Carige and Monte dei Paschi di Siena , on a daily basis, two sources close to the matter said on Monday.

Italian banking shares have fallen sharply since the start of the year amid market concerns about some 360 billion euros of bad loans on their books and weak capital levels.

The ECB has been putting pressure on several Italian banks to improve their capital position. The regulator can decide to monitor liquidity levels at any bank it supervises on a weekly or daily basis if it has any concern about deposits or funding.


A run on the big Italian banks has already begun.  Italians have already been quietly pulling billions of euros out of the banking system, and if these banks continue to crumble this “stealth run” could quickly become a stampede.

And of course panic in Italy would quickly spread to other financially troubled members of the eurozone such as Spain, Portugal, Greece and France.  Here is some additional analysis from Jeffrey Moore

A deteriorating financial crisis in Italy could risk repercussions across the EU exponentially greater than those spurred by Greece.  The ripple effects of market turmoil and the potential for dangerous precedents being set by EU authorities in panicked response to that turmoil, could ignite yet more latent financial vulnerabilities in fragile EU members such as Spain and Portugal.

Unfortunately, most Americans are completely blinded to what is going on in the rest of the world because stocks in the U.S. have had a really good run for the past couple of weeks.  Headlines are declaring that the risk of a new recession “has passed” and that the crisis “is over”.  Meanwhile, South America is plunging into a full-blown depression, the Italian banking system is melting down, global manufacturing numbers are the worst that we have seen since the last recession, and global trade is absolutely imploding.

Other than that, things are pretty good.

Seriously, it is absolutely critical that we don’t allow ourselves to be fooled by every little wave of momentum in the stock market.

It is a fact that sales and profits for U.S. corporations are declining.  This is a trend that began all the way back in mid-2014 and that has accelerated during the early stages of 2016.  The following comes from Wolf Richter

Total US business sales – not just sales by S&P 500 companies but also sales by small caps and all other businesses, even those that are not publicly traded – peaked in July 2014 at $1.365 trillion, according to the Census Bureau. By December 2015, total business sales were down 4.6% from that peak. A bad 18 months for sales! They’re back where they’d first been in January 2013!

Sales by S&P 500 companies dropped 3.8% in 2015, according to FactSet, the worst year since the Financial Crisis.

I know that a lot of people have been eagerly anticipating a complete and total global economic collapse for a long time, and many of them just want to “get it over with”.

Well, the truth is that nobody should want to see what is coming.  Personally, I rejoice for every extra day, week or month we are given.  Every extra day is another day to prepare, and every extra day is another day to enjoy the extremely comfortable standard of living that our debt-fueled prosperity has produced for us.

Most Americans have absolutely no idea how spoiled we really are.  Even just fifty years ago, life was so much harder in this country.  If we had to go back and live the way that Americans did 100 or 150 years ago, there are very few of us that would be able to successfully do that.

So enjoy the remaining days of debt-fueled prosperity while you still can, because great change is coming, and it is going to be extremely bitter for most of the population.


Editor:  Seeing the broad canvas, the entire picture is essential. Getting excited about a computer system raising the value of a stock share a few pents today and dropping a few farthings tomorrow means nothing. The broad picture tell us the Western World is about to step off the cliff. 

With what time we have you need to learn more and be prepared.I urge you most earnestly to LOOK HERE


If Americans Riot Over Pink Shoes –What’s Next?

March 6, 2016

From ‘Mayhem To Nahum’ – A Warning To An America Rioting Over Pink Shoes And An America That Needs Therapy Over Donald Trump…The FEMA Camps Are Ready And Waiting For You!


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

The note on a story Steve Quayle linked to on his website this morning says it all. Linking to a story out of Michigan telling us that an entire mall was forced to shut down after a near riot broke out after rowdy crowds rushed the gates in their attempt to buy the new ‘Vivid Pink’ Air Jordan tennis shoes, Quayle gives us a cold hard lesson of life in his note: IF RIOTING LIKE THIS TAKES PLACE OVER SNEAKERS, WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN IT’S OVER FOOD SHORTAGES, AND OR CLOSURES OF SUPER MARKETS – FEMA CAMPS HERE THEY COME! 

Why would anyone even stand in line for much less riot over a pair of shoes that costs nearly $200 for adults and well over $100 for children and does this, like the sullen madness of ‘Black Friday’, signal a continuing breakdown of society in an America where people are willing to go to fistfights over ‘luxury possessions’ such as pink shoes that aren’t even basic necessities? As Quayle asked, what happens when the ‘material possessions’ that are no longer available are food, water, toilet paper and other basic necessities? Trigger warning! Prepare to be ripped out of your ‘safe space’. 

Even though these ‘vivid pink’ Air Jordan shoes are being marketed to women, a 2015 story about the Air Jordan 1 Low GS shoe for women told us that the Air Jordan brand had decided to extend their GS sizing to accommodate ladies with bigger feet and they fully expected some men would be wearing them. As we’re already seeing with the new ‘vivid pink’ line, some men are hoping that there will be a men’s line available of this shoe and it was also created in the larger foot size so that men can wear it. In the description of the 3rd video below called “This Air Jordan 12 In GS Sizes Will Leave The Guys Feeling Some Kind Of Way” we’re asked: “Think some guys will try their best to fit into a pair too small for them?” 


How can a society that fights over pink shoes and actually feels a need for psychological therapy merely over a possible Donald Trump presidency  survive an economic collapse, no food on the table, the breakdown of our electrical grid, a war upon American soil, a long-term bank holiday or God forbid, FEMA camps and martial law? Simply put, the large majority won’t and the globalists will likely have one of their goals accomplished: ‘a huge-scale culling of the masses’. 

And while you can call me ‘out of style’, I wouldn’t wear a pair of these shoes if they paid me to but maybe that’s just me in this day and age we live in that reminds some of Jeremiah 51:30: “Her mightiest warriors no longer fight. They stay in their barracks, their courage gone. They have become like women. The invaders have burned the houses and broken down the city gates.” 

With individuals in Western society actually ‘rioting’ over pink tennis shoes, what happens when their lives are on the line due a ‘trojan horse invasion’ of our country ‘going live’ or our country suffering a ‘real’ tragedy such as war or economic collapse?

Meanwhile at some of our ‘best colleges’, the institutions that are supposed to be building up the strong backbone of our nation’s future,the battle cry has become ‘MEOW MEOW MEOW’ as anything that upsets students in the least bit requires mass counseling sessions for widespread emotional breakdowns. Between ‘safe zones‘ and ‘trigger warnings’, our colleges have become anything other than what America needs them to be at this moment in our history. In fact, if we didn’t know any better, we’d have to suggest US colleges have become another  breeding ground in the plan to destroy America. 


So, why does all of this matter? 

According to a story from Infowars back in September of 2015, a top Imam told Muslim immigrants that they should breed with Europeans to ‘conquer their countries’. Saying that ‘Europe had lost its fertility’, this Imam also added: “Europe has become old and decrepit and needs human reinforcement…they are not motivated by compassion for the levant, its people and its refugees….soon we will trample them by underfoot, Allah willing.”

Doug Giles over at Clash Daily recently wrote a story called “Dear Male Cowards: Islam Loves Your Political Correctness” in which he tells us bluntly: I don’t know who started the politically correct pussification process of the male collective, but I’d like to find them and pistol whip them into next week with my S&W Model 29 for ruining our planet.” Why all the anger, Doug? Well… simply put: it’s because males are being shamed, taught, lead, pastored, drugged, schooled, coerced and cajoled into throwing out their brains, handing over their balls and formally abandoning the rarefied air of the testosterone-leader-fog that God and nature hardwired them to dwell in; and instead they’ve become a weak, effeminate, mangina-sporting, shriveled up quail. That’s why.”

Hence, in a nutshell we see not only why America is in such deep trouble but also why America is so damn scared of Donald Trump. An America that will challenge our younger generations is also an America that has a chance to be great again. An America that simply coddles and aids in the pussification of our future leaders is an America that has turned into what it has turned into today: an America in which Vladimir Putin simply shrugged off ‘pusillanimous Obama’; an America in which law enforcement is handcuffed by govt, preventing them from doing their jobs of stopping illegal aliens from coming into the country; an ’emasculated America’ leading to a world in which ISIS can freely take over the Middle East while our own president can’t even say the words ‘Islamic terror’. 

Trump petrifies absolutely anyone who, after nearly 8 years of Obama emasculating of our nation, suddenly sees a strong ‘warrior male extraordinaire’ as the leader of our nation as a real threat rather than seeing him as exactly what America needs at this very moment in time. If America simply wants the same as we’ve had for the past 7+ years, we should just go ahead and elect Hillary Clinton and she’ll be sure to carry on Obama’s legacy of failure. America needs strength from a leader right now, even if that means very difficult times ahead for an America needing to face our problems rather then continuously kicking them down the road. A drug addict or alcoholic will never be able to ‘solve their problems’ when they don’t even think that they have a ‘problem that needs to be solved’. 


(Yes, the US Army forced cadets to wear red high heels!)

America obviously faces serious problems in the months and years ahead from a financial and ‘total survival’ standpoint. Do we want a‘weak, effeminate, mangina-sporting, shriveled up quail’ as our leader in 2017 going forward to help get our country back on the right foot or do we want someone who will at least admit to us what the problems are that we are facing? The answer is clear to us. What happens when men and women fail to fight evil that invades our lands, whether ISIS terrorists planning to kill us or any other evil we might face? From Nahum 3:13:

Behold, thy people in the midst of thee [are] women: the gates of thy land shall be set wide open unto thine enemies: the fire shall devour thy bars.

Some ANP readers have suggested that there is nothing that can be done from a political standpoint to fix the problems that our country and our world faces and we’re all better off just preparing for what is coming, individually, and not worrying about the politics of it all nationally. While we agree that America is facing dangerous times ahead, simply giving up on a political fix for these problems is unconscionable for us at this moment in time when the problems we face as a people are still surmountable. As for ANP, we’ll keep shouting the warning as long as we possibly can, for to do otherwise would be to let down God and His chosen role for us to play (via our own free will) in this still unfolding real-life story.

From Michael Snyder at the Economic Collapse Blog and the Book of Ezekiel.:

It is not easy to stand up and say the hard things that need to be said in a society that does not want to listen.

Yes, there are some watchmen out there that are doing a great job of proclaiming the warning message.  I have personally met a number of them, and I am proud to be their friends.

Unfortunately, they are few and far between.  Most people either don’t believe that we are on the precipice of disaster, they don’t care enough to warn others, or they are too busy criticizing those that are trying very hard to warn others.

And of course you don’t need a media platform to sound the alarm.  We all have family members that need to be warned about what is coming.  We all have friends that need to be warned about what is coming.  Each one of us is uniquely positioned to reach others that may not be able to be reached any other way.

In the end, we all have a choice to make.  If we sound the alarm and people choose not to listen, the responsibility for failing to act falls on them.

But if we know what is coming and we choose to do nothing to warn others, then we may end up being responsible for their blood.  This is a principle that we even seen in the Scriptures.  The following is what Ezekiel 33:1-6 says…

Again the word of the Lord came to me, saying: Son of man, speak to the children of your people and say to them: If I bring a sword upon a land, and the people of the land take a man from among them and set him for their watchman, and he sees the sword come upon the land and blows the trumpet and warns the people, then whoever hears the sound of the trumpet and does not take warning, and a sword comes and takes him away, his blood shall be upon his own head. He heard the sound of the trumpet yet did not take warning. His blood shall be upon himself. But he who takes warning delivers his soul. But if the watchman sees the sword come and does not blow the trumpet and the people are not warned and a sword comes and takes a person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity. But his blood I will require from the hand of the watchman.

In the past, riots over tennis shoes has led to deaths and widespread destruction as seen in the first two videos below. In the 3rd video we learn more about ‘men acting like women’ in their shopping habits while the final video, we learn more about these ‘pink shoes’ that are causing problems. If we see scenes like this over shoes, what happens when ‘survival’ is at stake? We can all see now that we don’t need a man like Barack Obama at the helm with life on the line.

Editor:  When I was a young kid I was convinced I was the mentally limited one and everyone else was smarter than me. Now I’m outside the US where I’m likely to remain safe and modern “hip, cool” people are behaving like idiots in a situation comedy (to ridiculous to believe) grade B movie. Maybe I wasn’t such a dummy after all. Maybe they should all take some time away from the TV and wake up!

By the way — most of the billions of poor people in Asia don’t use toilet paper. They have a bucket of water and a plastic dipper beside the toilet. When they’re done, they lean forward, pour water over their buns and come out cleaner than they would with TP and it costs them nothing. Some things are necessary, some are only perceived to be.

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If you can’t even imagine doing that, buy extra items you use every day, first aid, soap, canned food, an extra can opener, tools, nails, screws, light bulbs, matches, cigarette lighters. All of these can be traded with neighbors for something you will need.







Military Drills Simulating Collapse Of Kim Jong-Un’s Regime May Be Much More Than It Appears To Be

March 7, 2016

‘Everything Could Change In One Moment’ – North Korean Nuclear Threat Over US-South Korean ‘Foal Eagle’ Military Drills Simulating Collapse Of Kim Jong-Un’s Regime May Be Much More Than It Appears To Be


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

On Sunday, we learned that North Korea has threatened to launch ‘indiscriminate and pre-emptive’ nuclear strikes upon America and South Korea, the umpteenth time that the North Korean dictator has threatened to launch attacks against our country, this time in response to the largest military drills ever between South Korean and US troops in Kim Jong-Un’s backyard. The drills between the US and South Korea have been designed to simulate the collapse of the North Korean dictators regime and the resulting chaos that would quickly unfold there.

While the ‘Key Resolve’ and  ‘Foal Eagle’ military drills will last from March 7th to April 30th, the North Korean dictators latest threat comes just days after he ordered his nuclear weapons to be on standby for ‘use at any moment’ after tough new UN sanctions were imposed upon his country after their 4th nuclear test in January and the following months launch of a long-range rocket and satellite…which should really be what concerns us more.   

This is not the 1st time that the North Korean dictator has ‘freaked out’ about US-South Korean drills as shared in this story from Business Insider telling us about the 2015 drills of the same name. While North Korea then threatened the US and South Korea with a ‘merciless baptism by fire’, it merely responded with several SCUD missile launches into the sea on both March 2nd and March 12th of 2015. Why might 2016 be different? 


Even though some experts say that North Korea would never be able to successfully accomplish a nuclear attack upon America due to inadequate weaponry to deliver the strikes, we’ll prove here that ‘conventional nuclear strikes’ probably aren’t the only kinds of attack that America and our military should be prepared for as only one thing would allow North Korea to be able to accomplish theirpreviously stated goal of ‘wiping out all of America at once.’

Back in January, Breitbart ran a story in which they told us that North Korea’s state media outlet boasted that its nations scientists were in ‘high spirits’ to detonate nuclear weapons ‘capable of destroying America all at once’. Their bold statement was made a week after they said they had ‘successfully’ tested a hydrogen bomb, though “nuclear experts have posited it was more likely to have been a weaker hybrid atomic weapon.” 

However, as we told you also back in January on a story called ‘The Problem From Hell’: ‘Doomsday’ Passes Over America Several Times Almost Every Day – Experts Warn: ‘There’s Nothing We Can Do To Stop It,’ what most people think of as a ‘traditional nuclear bomb’ would never be able to accomplish the North Koreans goal of ‘destroying America all at once’ as they claimed they’d be able to do.


While most traditional nukes could cause massive devastation upon one city as well as our nations economy and psyche, only an EMP attack would allow the North Koreans to accomplish their stated goal of ‘destroying America all at once’. As we also told you in the ‘Problem From Hell’ story, North Korea does have the capability to launch an EMP attack upon America via one of two satellites that flies over America several times every day…and as previously warned, experts say there is very little to nothing that we can do to stop them. 

According to Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, the H-bomb recently detonated in a test by North Korea fits well within the requirements of a ‘Super EMP’, a device that could nearly instantly send America back hundreds of years and wipe out our electrical grid over a huge portion of the country according to the Washington Examiner. In fact, according to Pry, the US is not only totally defenseless against such an attack but North Korea has practiced such EMP attacks against America already.

Dr. Pry previously served on the ‘Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack’ and his warning to us helps to explain much of the mystery that has surrounded this latest North Korean nuclear test that some experts said was nowhere near powerful enough to have been a hydrogen bomb test. We learn here of a ‘different kind’ of hydrogen bomb that would indeed have such a ‘low yield’ as was detected.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has threatened a ‘merciless sacred war’ against its enemies and as we learn here, a ‘Super EMP’ weapon would be much more dangerous to the United States than the most powerful H-bomb ever built due to its potential to kill off 90% of the US population – the masses dead through starvation and the collapse of society. Forget a massive bomb that could completely destroy cities; this one could be far more devastating to America.


So now we know…a ‘Super EMP’, which North Korea has the capability to deliver, would be far more dangerous to the US than the most powerful hydrogen bomb ever built. While of course, any nuclear weapons attack upon a US city would be enough to allow a total lockdown of our nation, it wouldn’t be able to destroy the whole country in ‘one fell swoop’ as an EMP attack upon us would. (Go here to see videos: By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die)

While North Korea’s nuclear alert has been mainly discounted as ‘talk’ as shared by Gary Franchi of the Next News Network in the 3rd video below, nonetheless Barack Obama has issued a warning to the NK leader as Franchi shares in the 4th video below. The 2nd video below is a report from a mainstream news media source on the North Korean dictators latest nuclear threats against America while in the 1st video below from Prepper Recon, we hear what Americans should be preparing for the most…an EMP strike that would leave our country w/o electricity for a potentially very long time and hundreds of millions of dead Americans in the aftermath. As our videographer tells us, the best time to prepare for such an event is now. 

In closing, we take a look at what may be unfolding prophecy with ‘Foal Eagle’ now beginning after threats made by the North Korean leader to ‘annihilate the enemies and reduce their bases of provocation to seas in flames and ashes’ if there is even ‘the slightest military action’.

As Steve Quayle recently pointed out in several stories he linked to on his website this morning, 13 dead bald eagles were recently found in the state of Maryland. Asking his readers to look up all of the eagle prophecies and the timing of this event, we have to ask, is the ‘Eagle’ about to be ‘shot down’ as it was by Barack Obama in a dream shared in this linked story from Prophecy Club?

Does the eagle in that dream stand for ‘America’? While many believe the North Korean leader would have to be out of his mind to launch such an attack upon America that would likely result in the complete destruction of his own nation after the US responded, many believe Jong-Un may just be ‘out of his mind’ enough to do such a thing. 

Editor:  Apparently this last of the Kim devils doesn’t understand that the US would turn this impoverished dictatorship into a blackened hole in the ground even after and EMP strike. It would be a basically worthless revenge attack, but I’m convinced it would end the Kim regime rather efficiently. All is more the pity because the South Koreans are generally an admirable people and they don’t deserve this!